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Inu Yasha Profiles
Inu Yasha Profiles
Anime Book Review

Aside from its anime counterpart as a popular manga series, Inu Yasha completed in 56 volumes. If you happen to like this series, how about cementing that fact even more with consulting with Inu Yasha Profiles? It is a comprehensive character and series guide book that reads like a game strategy guide.

For nearly all of the main, supporting and bad characters, there is mention of their biography, battle techniques, strengths and weakness. What motivates characters in aspects of courage, love, friendship or wisdom? Physical locations in the series are also mentioned, and what organizes these subjects is how they tie into obtaining the Shikon.

artwrk for the book Inu Yasha Profiles Mentioned in the first paragraph for this review is how the book feels like reading a video game strategy guide. There are personality trait charts included for each characters and this is a type of diagram where traits are listed in a circle. Their strengths and weakness would make the resulting polygon shape skew. This is a diagram is featured in Pokemon games, especially as a trainer feeds berries to a Pokemon.

Throughout the book, there are also interesting tidbits of impression from Rumiko Takahashi. Toward the back of the book, there is a chapter interview in which she would lay out her work schedule with photos as evidence. If this is the schedule that she had in working with Inu Yasha, it is with this intensity that she churns out series like Ranma 1/2, Mermaids Forest, Maison Ikokku or Urusei Yatsura.

Reviewed by Linda Yau, November 2011

Below: An illustration from the book Inu Yasha Profiles.

an illustration from the book Inu Yasha Profiles

The Art of Inuyasha
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The Art of Inuyasha
Anime Book Review

Okay all you ultra-rabid Inu Yasha fans, here's a wonderful book to add to your collection, chock full of character profiles, behind-the-scenes animation art, manga panels, layouts and much more!

Including both colorful cell art and paintings, this book showcases full-color designs, watercolors from the manga covers, and 66 pages of colored manga pages, many previously unpublished in the United States. The Art of Inu Yasha is a beautiful book full of clear, sharp images that make it a "must-have" item.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, September 2005

Inu-Yasha - Down the Well (Vol. 1)
Inu-Yasha - Down the Well (Vol. 1)
Anime DVD Review

This series succeeds on so many levels where all other anime fall flat. It sometimes feels like a cross between Ranma and Blue Seed, but Rumiko Takahashi (Urusei Yatsura) once again blends interesting characters, the supernatural, comedy, adventure and romance into a winning story line that is entirely her own. The series is the rare kind of anime that appeals to many different types of people.
Of course, it seems to take the first half of the series to even assemble all the characters, but once they are all together, watch out! Combined with an amazing soundtrack ("My Will" being the most beautiful closing theme we've heard in a long time), Inu Yasha is yet another winner of a series from one of the greatest talents in Japan today.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, July 2003

Inu-Yasha : A Feudal Fairy Tale, Vol. 1
Inu-Yasha :
A Feudal Fairy Tale, Vol. 1

Manga Review

Judging by their reaction to even a week's loss of Inuyasha on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Inuyasha fans are a rabid and fanatical lot. That said, they probably hunger for all things connected to Rumiko Takahashi's wonderful Feudal-era action-adventure romantic-comedy.

Inu-Yasha : A Feudal Fairy Tale, Vol. 1Delight to the tale as told by Ms. Takahasi, as only she could draw it. The original manga is a joy to behold, her art and wit could not be sharper, the panels simply burst from the page. As long-time Urusei Yatursa fans, we are certain this is her greatest manga achievement since Ranma 1/2. Those rabid fans are right, you really can't go a day without it.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, January 2004

Inu Yasha Original Soundtrack Album
Inu Yasha Original Soundtrack Album
Anime Soundtrack Review

If you've been watching Inu Yasha, the latest amazing creation from Rumiko Takahashi, then you already know just how fabulous the music is. From the beautiful, sing-able "My Will" closing title theme to the amazing bumpers and the eerie supernatural sounds that populate the series, the music is simply astounding. This album as everything you've ever wanted to hear and more from the series. We say that it has "high replay value", as you'll want to listen over and over again.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, May 2003


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Below: Episode 1 of InuYasha from Hulu

Below: Episode 2 of InuYasha from Hulu

Below: Episode 3 of InuYasha from Hulu


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