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L/R (Licensed By Royalty)
L/R (Licensed By Royalty) - Deceptions (Vol. 1)
L/R (Licensed By Royalty) -
Deceptions (Vol. 1)

Anime DVD Review

In the grand tradition of ITC shows like The Persuaders!, comes this send-up of spy shows that features an unflappable duo similar to The Man from UNCLE who manage to get themselves in and out of trouble with the usual British panache. While there's the expected spy-like double-talk, gadgets, guns, and gals, it's restrained compared to the likes of Totally Spies or Inspector Gadget. There's more detective work than car chases, but the action is fair and balanced.

L/R (Licensed By Royalty) - Deceptions (Vol. 1)With a stiff upper lip there's plenty of good times in store with action, snappy repartee, and a good dose suave style reminiscent of The Avengers. Which one is "L" and which one is "R"? They are secret agents so secret, that this becomes the running gag of the show. The British secret-agent show is alive and well, and living in Japan.

Below: Scenes from L/R (Licensed By Royalty).

L/R (Licensed By Royalty)

L/R (Licensed By Royalty)

L/R (Licensed By Royalty)

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, January 2004

L/R (Licensed By Royalty)
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L/R (Licensed By Royalty)

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