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Must Read Manga Blogs
Article by Ben Huber

Manga blogs — it's hard to find quality content on the internet. They're a tightly-knit group of fans and there are a lot of solid sites out there. We've compiled a list of several great manga blogs that'll provide you with great content, articles, and images to scratch that otaku itch!

Manga Bookshelf

Manga Bookshelf

The Manga Bookshelf is one site with a wide breadth of content. Featuring a variety of editors and writers that cover an even wider variety of manga, it's a great stop for reviews and impressions, collected and compiled from various blogs and authors. They also cover manwha, manhua, and other topics related to manga, so you can get a more well-rounded diet! This site is a central hub for a lot of the manga fandom.



There are several blogs under the Manga Bookshelf umbrella that stand out. One is MangaBlog, run by Bigid Alverson. She's got a great collection of opinions on manga, but also collects sales data, other site's reviews, and important news that affect the manga industry. It's a great stop for a little bit of everything manga-related.

A Case Suitable for Treatment

A Case Suitable for Treatment

Another blog affiliate of Manga Bookshelf that is worth mentioning is A Case Suitable for Treatment, run bu Sean Gaffney. Reviews, opinions, and news from cons are the talk here! Sean's reviews are particularly good and offer well-written arguments.

Manga Comics Manga

Manga Comics Manga

This is a fairly recent site from former About.com manga editor Deb Aoki. She does a wonderful job of keeping readers up to date on the latest manga, as well as providing interviews, news tidbits, and reviews. Aoki is very knowledgeable in the field and keeps on the pulse of the latest trends and releases.

Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga

Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga

Blogging about manga for ANN, Jason Thompson is taking a long look at 1000 different manga. So suffice to say, a little bit of everything gets covered here. Entire series are taken as a whole and evaluated in smart ways. You could spend days reading everything Thompson has written here!



Carlos Santos' blog at ANN is another great review-focused collection of manga. He grabs as little bit of everything and gives it a "for" and "against" point as well as his rating. Manga from around the world are often mentioned too, as are classics that deserve to come back.

Manga Therapy

Manga Therapy

If you've ever thought about the pschyological aspects of manga and anime, do we have the blog for you. Tony Yao does a great job of looking at how media (specifically manga) can affect us and what readers can learn from their favorite series.



If you're looking for the best yuri blog out there, Okazu is it. Run by Erica Friedman, the founder of Yuricon, the site covers manga (and anime) that is exceptional in the yuri genre. Erica will keep you up to date on the best yuri manga out there better than anyone else.

Reading Manga

THAT Shoujo Manga Blog

THAT Shoujo Manga Blog


It's THAT shoujo manga blog. You know, THAT one. If you don't, it's a fun little blog run by Konata_01 (Jen) that covers (what else?) shoujo manga! Supplying a wide collection of reviews and articles, this blog is a great stop for shoujo.



If you're a Canadian fan of manga or are just looking for more great coverage, Kuriousity.ca has you covered. They've got a consistent amount of news and reviews, as well as editorials and other details for manga fans. They've got a great array of content that covers just about everything.

Manga Worth Reading

Manga Worth Reading

Here's another long-running site that covers a little big of every manga: Manga Worth Reading. Johanna Draper Carlson runs this blog and keeps it updated well. They've got content sorted by publisher, titles, or a collection of "starting points" for manga (which is a great resource if you want to get a friend into manga).

Special Bonus: And the Official Tumblrs!
Vertical, Kodansha, and Seven Seas:

Vertical Tumblr


Kodansha tumblr


Seven Seas tumblr


These fine Tumblr blogs are all the official Tumblrs of Vertical Inc., Kodansha Comics, and Seven Seas Manga. So while they exist to promote their products, they're also a valuable insight into the industry. They all frequently answer fan questions and explain the details behind licensing and publishing your favorite manga titles. Fan content is also shared on many of them as well, giving you a chance to join in the fun too. Tumblr's manga community is growing every day, so seeing these outreaches by companies is great.

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