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Japanese Crafts Book Review

Folding can definitely pass the time for many people. It can also strengthen the relationship between two friends. Especially if the objects to be folded are considered cute and sweet like cupcakes, dress, heels, chocolate covered strawberries. Check out Girligami, since everything needed to complete projects from the book are scissors, hands, glue/tape and perhaps a color xerox machine to reuse the paper. There is even Cindy Ng's website at http://www.girligami.com/index.html to download for more paper if that's a route to take. Easy peasy right?

GirligamiThere are 12 simple projects in this book, and upon completion of these projects, the amount of time to play tea time or pretend house is endless. Flipping through this book brings to my mind the amount of time my sister and friends spent dealing with paper dolls when they were children themselves.

There are many origami and craft books out there, some deal with folding airplanes, dinosaurs, or other more grownup items. Giligami happens to fit a market that is for those who want something girlish, and colorful. Paper is an easy commodity to get, and folding it is one step away from creating something original.


Reviewed by Linda Yau, December 2012

Practical Origami: Folding Your Way to Everyday Accessories
Practical Origami: Folding Your Way to Everyday Accessories
Japanese Crafts Book Review

Upon going to a supermarket, as a consumer you would often have the option of choosing paper or plastic as a container for your groceries. Choosing the more environmentally friendly option of paper, have you stopped to consider that the paper bag is a folded piece of paper? Now isn't that practical? Would you like to make it? If you answer yes to the previous questions, then Vertical's translation of Practical Origami: Folding Your Way to Everyday Accessories might be your answer.

Practical Origami: Folding Your Way to Everyday Accessories  Printed on quality paper in a soft cover binding, there are plenty of photos of finished crafts in rich colors to ooh and ahh over. Diagrams and instructions are easy to follow, and for all levels of folders. There are 75 projects to choose from, ranging from traditional models to varieties of boxes, envelopes, pouches, holders, card cases, and chopstick rests. Each of these projects is guarantee to serve a purpose in your home or daily living. Folding it on sturdier paper, can extend the life of certain projects, so be sure to be on the look out for certain paper beyond the regular Xerox paper.

Vertical's translation of this book is by the editors of Shufu no Tomo, a Japanese publisher that is well known for their female targeted publications that have set standards in Japan since 1915. This current title that Vertical used Practical Origami: Folding Your Way to Everyday Accessories is quite different from the Japanese title that praised its table of contents as having plenty of small and cute decorations. This clearly shows a different market strategy, but among many of the other origami books published in the United States, this book should definitely be in your bookshelf. Practical Origami shows off the fact that folding paper can be useful, decorative, and pretty.

Practical Origami: Folding Your Way to Everyday Accessories

Reviewed by Linda Yau, November 2012

Crease + Fold
Crease + Fold
Origami How To Book Review

With the invention of paper, Origami or paper folding is a craft that had begun centuries ago. Thought there is a discrepancy where origami began, the word Ă«origami' is of Japanese origin and that is to fold paper. It has become a popular pastime for people of all ages, and continues to be a craft that doesn't require special material or skill.

Famed for his oversized folding models, Mr. Sok Song is a professional paper folder based in New York City. He has many origami relevant projects, and from the publication of Crease + Fold, he has become the creative director for bi-monthly published origami magazine of Creased (http://creased.com/). He also heads a local Meetup group of likeminded origami interested folders. Mr. Song has a consistent ready supply of paper, and had advised for beginner folders, that with strong sure folds any paper can be creased.

Crease + Fold From just eight variant folds, and eleven basic origami bases, a new shape or structure can result in an elegant product. In Crease + Fold there are over 30 different interesting models for beginners, intermediates or advanced folders. Each diagram or origami model is printed on a rich full color glossy page. The order of origami folded in the book is not listed by difficulty, rather it is by size on how the large the end project will be in the end, so larger or multi-parts projects are listed toward the middle to the end of the book.

Crease + Fold With each project, and diagram, Mr. Song provides an interesting back story on the origami's origins or even tips on how folding these projects will be useful in your life. From the abundant animal diagrams, there are also decorative projects that are useful in your own life such as a subway map wallet, snack bowls, lampshade, or Christmas ornaments. There are also several interesting money fold projects where the paper source is from your own wallet. It is well worth to have this book in your beginning or continuing collection of crafting books.

With enough practice and interest in folding, as well as with the right book or instructions, paper can be made into a work of art, and from the words of Mr. Song, Happy Folding!

Reviewed by Linda Yau, July 2011

Origami with Dollar Bills
Origami with Dollar Bills:
Another Way to Impress People with Your Money!

Origami How To Book Review

Firstly; at 6 bucks, this book is cheap — and with the money you save on the book and *NOT* buying origami paper, you can instead use those extra dollars to fold and make come entertaining origami. You don't have to look any further than your wallet to find crafting materials, because dollar bills themselves become all the materials you need to create some clever projects.

Origami with Dollar BillsThe projects, which range from a Jedi to a horseshoe crab, an American Eagle to an Oriental dragon, are absolutely fantastic, full of imagination and are easy to do, once you go through the book and use the easy to understand, clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions that are the hallmark of this amazing book.

Just think, with all the money you're saving, your wad of cash to fold will seem even more impressive, and what better way to attract the ladies at the local hot spot? For a little extra fun, amazing facts about U.S. currency appear throughout the book...such as how many times you can fold a dollar bill before it will tear — but don't worry, these projects will keep your stack intact.

And, after you unfold these projects, you can still use them as money!

Reviewed by by Brian Cirulnick, March 2006

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