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Venus Versus Virus
Venus Versus Virus
Venus Versus Virus
Anime DVD Review

When demons come-a-callin', the world depends on... who else but two high school girls, Lucia and Sumire, to save the day. High school students by day and employees of Venus Vanguard at night, Lucia and Sumire are blessed (though Sumire thinks it's really a curse) with the ability to see these demons that they call Viruses. If they can see them, they can sure as hell beat them to a pulp as well.

Lucia accepts her fate of cleaning up the world of Viruses and she takes it very seriously. She knows it's a kill or be killed world out there; she harbors none of the romantic ideas that if she doesn't bother the Viruses, they won't bother her. In a strange way, she actually wants to fight stronger and stronger Viruses as if the stronger they get, it means that she has killed off all the weaker Viruses already. It doesn't matter if people like her or not; her job is to kill Viruses and keep as many people, especially herself, alive. This means she's got to use every resource that is available to her, like the special powers hidden by her eye patch. This is true even if it means the resource is a real live person like Sumire. Sacrifice for the greater good is all that matters.

Sumire, on the other hand, doesn't really like the job of cleaning up the world but it's not like everyone has the ability to clean up the world like Lucia and she can. Sure, there are days when she feels it'll be so much easier just to spend her nights talking with her girlfriends or studying instead of mopping up the floor with Viruses or training to mop up floors with them but then if she doesn't kill them, they'll just end up killing her friends, which isn't a good thing. Since she has the ability to see them, Viruses tend to gravitate towards her so since she can't get rid of her ability anyways, it's a little better to fight back than sitting still and be bait. She does have the additional ability to go into "Berserk" mode, which transforms her into a living embodiment of an Anti-Virus. Like the Vaccines that Lucia uses, when Sumire is in "Berserk" mode, something as simple as her touch can kill a Virus.

Unfortunately, the side affect of Sumire being in this mode is not being able to distinguish friend from foe. This is definitely a bad thing for Lucia, especially since they usually fight side by side together. Sumire is training very hard to try to control her powers but she still can't do it at the moment.

(Queue music from "The Odd Couple") Can Lucia survive working with Sumire? Can Sumire survive training? Can they survive each other?

Reviewed by Carolyn Whu, February 2008

Below: Scenes from Venus Versus Virus.

Venus Versus Virus

Venus Versus Virus

Venus Versus Virus

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Below: The American trailer for Venus Versus Virus.

Below: Promotional artwork from Venus Versus Virus.

Promotional artwork from Venus Versus Virus.

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