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Why They Cry
When They Cry
When They Cry
Anime DVD Review

Let's gets right to the point: blood, gore, and people losing their mind. Based on a amateur PC videogame from Japan, think of kids doing Pulp Fiction meets Groundhog Day with Paranoia Agent mentality and all the blood from Elfen Lied compounded at least three times; you might come close to what When They Cry is like.

Keiichi, Rena, Mion, Rika, and Satoko look like normal kids, just living their lives in a quiet quaint little rural town of Hinamizawa. Keiichi is new in town so he relies on Rena and Mion, two girls that are closest to his age, to guide him around town and take him to places all the time. Rena picks him up every morning from home to go to school and as they walk, they would pick up Mion. They would meet Satoko and Rika at school. Every weekend would be the five of them hanging out somewhere in town. Nice, quiet, friendly.

When They CryThen a photographer shows up asking questions. Keiichii doesn't know anything, but surely his new friends, who lived in Hinamizawa their whole lives, would know about the crazy dismemberment murder that happened only a few years ago. How about the weird legend that a mountain god got pissed off and has been "spiriting away" people since that first murder every year on the day of the Cotton Drifting Festival? A cop from the city tells Keiichi to be careful of Rena, a supposedly bat-wielding violence prone child who sees a god standing next to her bed when she sleeps at night. She's on medication and psychiatric evaluation but one can never be too careful, especially since she's hanging out with the other three that seems to have lost most of their families to "spiriting away" over the last few years. Whose story can he trust?

Maybe all this hanging out was a way to keep a close eye on the next victim? Is he the next victim? Maybe he's looking at all this the wrong way?

Reviewed by Carolyn Whu, September 2007

When They Cry

When They Cry

Why They Cry

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Below: The opening titles for Why They Cry.

When They Cry

When They Cry

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