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Xenosaga for PS2
Xenosaga for PS2
Anime Video Game Review

The Playstation console has always had a good stable of solid RPGs, and Xenosaga clearly adds to their already impressive library. It's a shoe-in for recommendation here, as it's a deep-plotted, Action-Horror-Sci-Fi-Drama done in an anime-style and set in outer space. What more do you need? The characters are amazingly complex and subtle, the animation is top notch, and the storyline is simply one of the best ever put to any medium other than a novel. Many fans are claiming that this game is worth making into a movie (and some of the cut scenes are long enough that you'll think you're in a movie!).

Xenosaga for PS2Namco has created a helluva' game, the only RPG we can think of to go head-to-head with Square. With 60 to 80 hours of gameplay squeezed onto the disk this game is an investment that will be well-spent. That said, it's not for everyone. You need to be a die-hard gamer and an RPG fan. You'll also need vacation time because once you're hooked into the game, little things like work, school, eating and sleeping just seem so .... unimportant.



Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, February 2004


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