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Karas - The Revelation
Karas - The Revelation
Anime DVD Review by Brian Cirulnick

Karas - The Revelation Get ready for a new type of super-hero... a dark one.

Karas is the 40th Anniversary animation production by the renowned Japanese animation studio Tatsunoko Productions, who produced the original Speed Racer television shows and anime favorite Gatchaman. Originally produced as a six-episode OVA series, it was released here as two feature-length DVD sets... Except only now is the second part available. Karas -The Prophecy contained episodes 1-3 of the story, and now comes Karas - The Revelation, composed of episodes 4-6, completing the story and allowing us anime fans in America to finally know the ending! Read More...

Below: The trailer for Karas - The Revelation.

Desert Punk: Box Set
Desert Punk
Anime DVD Review by Carolyn Whu

Desert Punk: Box Set Everyone thought Desert Punk was a legend, a mirage borne of the desert that bounty-hunts his way through towns. Most people that have fought the Desert Punk say that he is a ghost. The small group of people that have been saved by the Desert Punk say that he is a small, money grubbing, opportunistic a**hole.

Bounty hunter is rather loose term for Desert Punk. If you are willing to pay, he is willing to do... ANY-thing. He is willing to take on gangs of crazy pudding loving hoodlums that have overrun the desert. He is willing to help repossess homes. He is willing to team up with other serious bounty hunters to bring in serious dough. If you offer enough, he is even willing to help kitties get out of trees and grandmas cross the streets, too. Read More...

Below: Scenes from Desert Punk.

Desert Punk

Red Garden Volume One
Red Garden
Anime DVD Review by Brian Cirulnick

Red Garden Volume One An odd string of suicides surrounds a private institution on Roosevelt Island. On the night a classmate dies, Kate, Rachel, Rose and Claire wake with no memories of the evenings' events. The next night, the four girls are drawn together by mysterious red butterflies only they can see. Converging at Central Park, the girls are approached by a strange woman who tells them they are dead. Now, the four girls must work together to learn the secrets of their death and the means to return to their previous life.

From acclaimed studio Gonzo (Afro Samurai, Chrono Crusade) and director Kou Matsuo (Rozen Maiden) comes an urban horror masterpiece as stylish as it is disturbing. Set in modern day New York, Red Garden's unique character designs, haunting story, and realistic violence make it one of the most anticipated new series of the year. Read More...

Below: Scenes from Red Garden.

Red Garden

Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye
Anime DVD Review by Michael Pinto

Cat's Eye You probably know Tsukasa Hojo as the creator of City Hunter, which enjoyed great success here in the USA. However, us old-skool anime fen remember him better for an earlier creation, Catseye, which was both an adolescent wet-dream combined with wonderful storytelling and even more amazing artwork.

What made the manga such a joy was that his layout was so clean that you didn't need to know a scrap of Japanese to figure out what was going on. The anime series, produced by TMS featured lush art, groundbreaking use of color as a stylistic flair to add drama, and a danceable opening title song (with an aerobic-workout closing sequence!) Read More...

Our Favorite Toys, Models and Gizmos
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair
(PS3 or Blue Ray player)

Animation Game Review by Brian Cirulnick

The original animated arcade mega-phenomenon is sharper in high-def and better than ever. Ported over to BD-Java, this disc is the first videogame to make use of BD-J, meaning that not only is it playable on the Playstation 3, but is playable on ANY stand-alone Blue-Ray player, and can be played with the standard wireless remote.

The 1983 classic, starring "Dirk the Daring", originally animated by Don Bluth, has been digitally restored and enhanced with 5.1 surround sound, and all the special extras are presented in High Def 1080p. As Jessica Simpson says: "I totally don't know what that means, but I want it".

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, October 2007

Below: A scene from Dragon's Lair.

Dragon's Lair Recommended Books:
Tuxedo Gin Volume One
Tuxedo Gin
Manga Review
by Brian Cirulnick

Tuxedo Gin Volume One And now for something completely different... A boxing penguin and his girlfriend... Really.

Just as he's about to start dating the adorable Minako, teenage boxing champion Ginji Kusanagi happens to die in a strange motorcycle accident. Tough luck dude. However, a strange Buddist angel (Buddists have angels now?) appears, telling Ginji that he died before his time (a paperwork mix-up apparently), and that if he lives out the lifespan of an animal, then he can be reincarnated into his own body. Read More...

Below: A panel from Tuxedo Gin.

Tuxedo Gin Volume One

Kids Draw: Manga Monsters by Christopher Hart
Kids Draw:
Manga Monsters

How To Draw Manga Book Review by Zareh Artinian

Kids Draw: Manga Monsters by Christopher Hart This new book by Christopher Hart focuses solely on how to draw Manga Monsters, those mostly cute, oddly proportioned characters with heads that seem too large for their poor, meager bodies to support (aka "Super-Deformed", "chan" or "chibi" styles - Kawaii!). Hart begins by presenting the essentials of what defines a manga monster. He reviews the basics, such as head size and shape, types of eyes, bodies legs, and hands. Read More...

Music and Soundtrack Selections:
Beck OST
Beck OST
Anime Soundtrack Review by Brian Cirulnick

Beck OSTNot Beck the 90's hipster who's most famous for "I'm a loser baby", but Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, the kick-ass drama that makes you want to pick up a guitar and have a life. Filled with the wonderful and inspirational music from the TV series, The Beck Soundtrack is just about everything you could hope for in an anime OST. Read More...

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