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Ninja Scroll
Essence of Anime: Ninja Scroll
Essence of Anime: Ninja Scroll
Anime DVD Review

Ironically; we've never before reviewed the "original" Ninja Scroll here at ANIME.COM. Fortunately, Manga Entertainment has re-released the original movie as part of its "Essence of Anime" series, and we now have the honor of presenting it to you.

Ninja Scroll is more than just a "classic". It is the quintessential hack and slash, gory, violent, super-powered erotic wildly-imaginative hoon-fest that really set the stage for all others that followed. Even if you're not the biggest fan of gore and too-cool-for-their-own-good ninjas, the over-the-top visuals may be enough to make it worth checking out.

Essence of Anime: Ninja ScrollThere are some really nice little artistic touches such as the supernatural powers of some of the antagonists — a guy who can literally slip into shadows — that make this flick a lot of fun to watch. Backing up the animation is a combination of slick art and rather original character designs — hard-edged but attractive and relatively realistic.

No one, not even the filmmakers, seemed too sure what the story was about (demons need gold?), but who cares? The action is top-notch, and it's clear that more modern ninja-fests such as Afro Samurai have been inspired by this killer-app of anime.

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, September 2007

 Ninja Scroll TV Series
Ninja Scroll TV Series
Anime DVD Review

This is the one and true series based on the groundbreaking movie of the same name (same creators, same animation studio). Avoid the imitators and stick with this! Features a traditional Japanese opening theme (no bouncy j-pop idol singers here) and the character of Jubei is every bit as cool as he was in the Ninja Scroll film.

 Ninja Scroll TV SeriesThe art style is identical to the movie and while the lower budget means that the animation quality is not as slick as the film, overall animation quality is just below Cowboy Bebop, but above Hellsing & Berserk

This series is missing the over-the-top sexuality and gore from the movie, but does contain scenes of extreme violence and brutality. It is definitely not for kids! Bottom line, if you like Ninja Scroll, like anime and enjoy watching swordplay, this series can't be beat!

Below: Scenes from Ninja Scroll.

Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll

Reviewed by Brian Cirulnick, August 2004

Ninja Scroll

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Below: The Ninja Scroll Trailer. (Video may not be work safe)

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